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Object Table

Object Table by is an assembly of two forms: a slanted upright curve and a circle. Sculptural and functional elements have been merged to provoke curiosity and question the distinction between object and a piece of furniture.

The table received praise from design critics having won a Wood Award, New Designer category. The Wood Awards celebrates excellence in British architecture and product design in wood. The judges were particularly impressed by the design’s potential for further material development.

Post the award I developed the table in a steel version.
Each material, STEEL and WOODm have their unique qualities.
STEEL enhances the table's structural strength  so that it can hold a person’s body weight, becoming a stool/table hybrid, as well as opening the possibility for being an outdoor piece. The wooden version remains warm, tactile and lightweight for the indoor space.

Wood is made from a BB Grade Birch Ply laminate. It is naturally blackened with a steel-wool/vinegar mix and tea, and oiled. Steel uses a 10mm bend-rolled mild steel sheet, patinated black and finished with wax.

Dimension as shown:  
Wood: 460 (Top Dia)  x 550 (h)   
Metal: 460 (Top Diea) x 620 (h)

Wood: Plywood  

Metal: Mild Steel  


To commission an object table send me an email with your name, phone number and suggest a time
and date that suits you for chat about the table, or email me details of the requested materials. 
The price is reflective on the number of tables ordered ect. 


Wood whisper wise wisdom.