Single Trestle


A trestle, acting as a stool with minimal support for a brief moment of thought.

A Single Trestle is designed to hold you, and a small thought, while a pair of trestle function as legs to a table top or other objects.

The idea for Single Trestle came about as I often find myself leaning against one of the trestle legs standing around in the workshop’s mill.  

The minimal support has its’ own special purpose nevertheless I thought it could be appreciated elsewhere. In a more elegant shape I reformed the workshop trestle to a piece for the cafe, corridor, studio, anywhere with moments in between standing and sitting.

The exciting prototype of Single Trestle is made from solid beech however Ash, Elm or scorched Oak is on my mind for development, as well as different heights, and potentially a wider top/seat.

Product: Trestle 
Materials: Solid Beech
Dimensions: H: Made to size, W: 40cm, D: 30cm
Top: W: Made to size, D: 9cm.

This item is made to order with delivery to mainland UK usually in 6–8 weeks.
Email for orders here.