4 Form Table 

4 Form Table 

4 Form Table is that of: two elongated rectangles and two rectangular columns.

The name announces the table’s simplicity and the 4 forms sought to define space on an architectural scale through rectilinear elements.

The overlaying of rectangles begins with the two columns, which is of an angled orientation to the top. This establishes the lower rectangles to appear responsive to each other creating an echoing pair.

The face side of each column is marked on the rectangle’s 3rd and 4th grit devision line, securing a sense of the relationship between the rectangle’s horizontality to its verticality.  

The table is made from solid Ash and a wax finish.

4 form table was a bespoke piece for a holiday home, in the south of France.
The photo’s here is taken from our the workshop yard before the table was sent off.

Product: 4 Form Table
Material: Ash
Dimension:  H: 75cm, W: 75cm, L: 205cm.

4 Form Table can be made on an order basis only. 
Email for information and commissions here.